Douglas Busch: Black and White


Douglas Busch

Black & White

Exhibition Statement

Douglas Busch shares a bit of America with the world in a much more tangible way than is normally possible for those of us in diplomatic service. For the patient viewer, this art provides a much deeper look into the heart of America than one could receive from any experience other than living there.

This is a great contribution to photographic art as well as to our understanding of America, neither of which can be described or portrayed with a single word or picture. Discovering the different facets and angles of American culture, as so vividly on display in this exhibition, is crucial to understanding a nation whose people who are just as diverse as the landscape itself.

Peter W. Bodde,
Consul General of the United States of America

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About Douglas Busch

Douglas Busch (born 1951) is an American photographer, inventor, teacher, and architectural designer known for using the world’s largest portable view cameras and negatives to produce the world’s largest photographic contact prints. His photography encompasses an array of subjects, including landscapes, cityscapes, nudes, portraits, and color, and is in the collections of major institutions such as the J. Paul Getty Museum, the Smithsonian Institution, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.

Robert J. Evans, Director of the Danforth Museum of Art, Framingham, MA, notes, “Busch’s combination of technical perfection and personal poetic sensitivity is truly overwhelming. His intense, aesthetic vision combines with his outstanding craftsmanship to produce strong works, simple and direct, yet redolent of the great artistic tradition that preceded him. There is a deeper mood and a quality of light washing through the cityscapes distinct in feeling from what we can see in most American imagery. Busch’s sensibility shines through always, creating harmonies that delight the eye.”

“I am interested in presenting reality more accurately than I can actually see it. On one level, my work is about a certain density. There is more to see than we can actually see.” — Douglas Busch

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Douglas Busch

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