Eric Sanders


Eric Sanders

Figuratives & Abstraction

Statement on Abstract Works

My abstract paintings are spontaneous expressions on a pre-verbal level. I am allowing myself the freedom to work intuitively, without a preconceived idea of the work’s structure or design. Each passage leads to the next.

It is fast and exciting- experiencing the work as a performative act- igniting the synapses in my central nervous system to act and respond in a process that is a search for balance. These works are cathartic; they allow me to process subconscious states and find some kind of resolution to the complexities of life. Each painting is a form of self-discovery. It is also a way to push the boundaries of myself and to discover what is possible in painting.

In these paintings, I employ aspects of myself that no other form of expression can access. They realize in bold gestures, the ability we have to explore and empower ourselves and in that process to renew and expand our possibilities. 

Statement on Figurative Works

My body of figurative work explores a different aspect of myself and of the process of creation. I am capturing the likenesses of people, trying to convey not just their appearance, but also the interior subjective world that they inhabit.

I use a variety of approaches to achieve this. In some images, the spontaneous gestural energy of my abstract paintings comes into play- using bold emotionally charged brushstrokes to animate my subjects with expressive energy. Others have a poetic interiority. Using a more subdued palette and a more reserved painterly quality, I create contemplative portraits where one can sense the sitter’s inner world.

Each of these paintings expresses something about my subjects, but at the same time, something about myself. Every painting conveys an aspect of the artist’s heart and mind. In these paintings, I seek to express something about my subjects through the lens of my own personal needs. They are portraits and self-portraits that convey, in a sense, the never-ending dialogue between oneself and the world.

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About Eric Sanders

Eric Sanders (b. 1963 in Philadelphia, PA) is a painter based in Manhattan Beach, California. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Sanders learned to paint from his father, who was an accomplished amateur painter.

Sanders painted throughout his childhood and into early adulthood when he focused his attention on establishing and building a career as an entrepreneur. After thirty years in business, Sanders sold his company in 2014 and returned to making art. Since then, Sanders’s work has been exhibited in three one-person exhibitions, and he has participated in group shows, art fairs, and benefit auctions.

Eric Sanders, Self-portrait.

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Eric Sanders

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