Laugh Gallery: Episode 1

Crewest Studio Presents

Laugh Gallery

Pilot Exhibition

“… A group of video works that aims at a void that signifies precisely the non-being of what it represents …”

— Sir Art D. Lure

Um, what?

Enough with the incomprehensible art-speak already! We think artsy fartsy smarty pants are a real snooze and art should be a lot more accessible and — FUN.  Our solution?

A comedian walks into an art gallery…

Welcome to Laugh Gallery!
A New Kind of Performance Art Experience.

Join these FUNNY art-loving-expert-non-expert comedians as they educate us about Art — in their homes, hoods, streets, galleries, and even their parents’ basements.

From the Street to Mom’s Basement

In Laugh Gallery’s premier episode, 5 comedians give us their expert non-expert art reviews taken from the streets of L.A. to mom’s basement, and everything in between.

About Laugh Gallery

Laugh Gallery is a new kind of performance art experience featuring comedians and comedic actors committed to helping neophytes and rubes better understand art, artists, and the incomprehensible art world. Laugh Gallery has a zero tolerance for pretense. No art snobs allowed. In fact, Laugh Gallery celebrates the expert non-expert in all of us. Laugh Gallery is all about having and making fun with art. Developed and produced by veteran L.A. comedian Katie Love and producer Scott “Sourdough” Power in collaboration with Crewest Studio in Los Angeles, Laugh Gallery is currently being developed as a comedy show for screen and stage, event art galleries and art fairs. (Snotty wines and cheeses will not be served.)

(Fine boxed wine and cheese whiz will be served)

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