Luis Sanchez and Jeffrey Vincent Parise


Luis Sanchez and
Jeffrey Vincent Parise

Skin, Feathers & Fur

Exhibition Statement

The pandemic of 2020 forced much of the population indoors, cut off from nature, leaving many wondering what the old sensations felt like.

What was it to go into a forest among the chatter of birds? To be away from a barking television? What is it that lurks beneath our skins that can still remind us of our connection to nature? How do we, locked up in our homes, manage to reconnect to the primal force?

The intensity of the pandemic lockdown brought together the two artists Luis Sanchez and Jeffrey Vincent Parise to explore these questions on canvas through their shared love of birds, primates, the surreal, and the human experience.

Skin, Feathers, and Fur is the first exhibition bringing these two artists together. This current exhibit ranges from Luis Sanchez’s work from the past sixteen months and Jeffrey Vincent Parise’s collection from 2013-2021.

Skin, Feathers, and Fur is best enjoyed after a deep breath, a fine glass of wine, or while enjoying the caresses of a loved one.

Alaska Lynch, American poet
Los Angeles, CA

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About the Artists

Luis Sanchez

Luis Sanchez has been a living working artist for the past 25 years, exhibiting Internationally.

He resides in Los Angeles, California and works as a fine art painter, sculptor and muralist for the City of Los Angeles.

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Jeffrey Vincent Parise

Jeffrey Vincent Parise is an American artist, actor and short filmmaker living in Los Angeles.

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