Nancy R Wise: Pointillism Re-Imagined


Nancy R Wise

Pointillism Re-Imagined

Exhibition Statement

Pointillism is a painting technique that depends upon the ability of the mind to merge small, distinct dots of color into a unity of refined tones. Because human engagement co-creates the final effect, the image and the beholder are uniquely bonded.

Nancy Wise has taken this bond to a new level with what she calls Neo-Pointillism. Her raised-dot paintings extend the union between the artwork and the viewer and brings it into the dynamics of the living space. Her images shift tone and shape as the angle of view and ambient light change. Hang one of her paintings on a wall and your entire room is instantly engaged in this transformational art. No matter what the décor, her painting “explains” itself as being in fusion with your home design.

“L’art pour l’art, art for art’s sake, was never the point,” says Nancy. “Art is a quality of experience and is commissioned for the sake of the soul. My Neo-Pointillism paintings adjust to light and space, as you do. They may nod in the morning at the gratitude within you or later wink at your rascal self.”

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About Nancy R Wise

Nancy R. Wise was born in Pasadena, CA, but because her father, a Captain in the Army relocated the family often, she travelled broadly from a very young age and was exposed to many different cultures.

Seeing the diversity of human experience in her travels sparked Nancy’s passion for art. She realized art was a language that transcended time and place and spoke to the common heart. When her family eventually moved to Salt Lake City, Nancy formalized her training by studying art at the University of Utah.

After college she returned to the West Coast, first to San Francisco and its hip “cosmo-impressionism” art scene and then on to Portland, a center for naturalistic craft art. Eventually Nancy came full circle back to Los Angeles to rediscover her roots with the “angel eye” of the artist. Although many of her latest subjects are L.A. based, her work is widely admired for its intriguing blends of cultures, perspectives and techniques. Nancy continues her devotion to all the masters of art throughout history. As an adult she travels several times a year and has visited all the major art galleries and museums in the world, many of them more than twice.

Her signature styles include unexpected textures and vivid colors that reimagine the flat digital world around us. Looking back on Renaissance portraiture, Impressionist color and Abstract Geometrics, Nancy focuses color, light, form, narrative, and pathos in a crucible of modern culture to reveal the often-hidden spirit that drives us.

Her work has exhibited in San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Miami, Hong Kong and London.

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Nancy R Wise

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Pointillism Re-Imagined 
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