Susan Segal: Shadows & Abstracts


Susan Segal

Shadows & Abstracts

Exhibition Statement

This collection of photographs I chose to title “SHADOWS & ABSTRACTS” is decades in the making. I am excited about this body of work I created and hope you will enjoy the show as much as I enjoyed creating each image.

In my 30 plus years as a professional photographer my career has taken me down many creative roads. It began when I was a photo student learning my craft at Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, and where I received my BFA. One of my most influential teachers at Art Center was Mr. Potts. His lighting class and the techniques he taught inspired me to look at light in a completely new and exciting way in my career as well as in life.

I will admit that there was some photo manipulation in the computer that went into each photograph. As to which images were enhanced, that should be obvious. Or maybe not. My intention is always to stay true to the original image. At least most of the time, depending on what I want to say creatively.

Before we had cameras in our phones, I carried a Nikon camera with me everywhere. These days, with high quality cameras in cell phones, I am not ashamed to admit that many of these photographs in this show were shot that way. The subject was staring me right in the face and the lighting and shadows were perfect. Everything clicked. It was by good fortune that I was at that location, at the exact moment, to capture and preserve these photographs for all to enjoy.

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About Susan Segal

Susan Segal is a professional photographer for over 30 years . I received my BFA from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. “As an art student in the late 70’s, ACCD was an amazing time in my life. My advertising photography career was influenced by the images of Guy Bourdin, Irving Penn, as well as the surrealist painter Rene Magritte, from whose work I drew inspiration then and now.
My photographs have appeared as billboards, book covers, corporate brochures, and in national and international advertising campaigns. In 1989 my book “A Pink Flamingo” was published by 10Speed Press, Berkley, CA. My photo of John Waters has been reproduced in a slew of magazines, and newspapers, around the world as well as in the USA.
“A Pink Flamingo” was included in “The Whole POP Catalogue” and “The Original Pink Flamingos Splendor on the Grass”. “A Pink Flamingo” was the only book to be featured on the groundbreaking series, The World of Audubon: Flamingo Watch. This live-feed, satellite broadcast from the Rift Valley in Kenya aired in 1995. The newly launched cable channel, Turner Broadcasting Systems (TBS) broadcasted this show around the world in real time. It was also the very first production that brought the TBS the BBC and the National Audubon Society together as co-producers for this groundbreaking live television experience internationally.
My photographic work has evolved over the years. I am thankful for the support of my parents who encouraged me to pursue a career as a photographer. I find the creative process and collaborations very exciting when it all clicks into place. Inspiration is all around. Some of my best ideas have come to me in the shower or in my dreams. It’s all part of my creative journey.”

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Susan Segal

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